Advantages to Having a Monitored Alarm System

Insurance Discount

The majority of insurance providers allow for a discount on your home or business owners insurance policy when your alarm system is monitored by a A.U.L. listed Central Monitoring Station. The percentage amount varies upon the insurance provider but typically averages 10% – 20% discount for having a monitored system. In most cases this makes your out of pocket monthly expense for having a monitored alarm system as little as a few cents per day or in many cases it will equate to no out of pocket expense.


Early Fire/Smoke Detection

If your system includes smoke and heat detectors they are monitored 24 hours per day 7 days a week even if the alarm system is in the disarmed mode. Most fires start as a “smoldering type” fire, the type that generate a lot of smoke before the fire or flames erupt. Often by the time someone actually sees flames the property has been filled with smoke for quite some time and the damage is significant. However, if your system is monitored, authorities are given far more advanced warning than if a neighbor or passerby alerts them of a problem at your home or business and there is a greater opportunity to salvage your property. Your insurance coverage may replace many items but the sooner authorities can get to your home/business the more likely you will be able to recover family heirlooms, photographs and pets frightened or trapped inside, things insurance could never replace. If your smokes/heats/carbon monoxide detectors are not currently integrated into your alarm system we can do that for you, just give us a call for an estimate. Your monitoring fee does not increase for having the alarm monitored for fire/smoke/carbon monoxide.


Carbon Monoxide Detection

If your system is equipped with carbon monoxide detectors and we receive an alarm of that type we will dispatch the appropriate authority to come to your aid. Carbon monoxide is known as the “silent killer” and often time induces a deep sleep to those being exposed. Having a monitored carbon monoxide alarm could be an invaluable asset to saving human and animal life.


Silent Panic Alarm

If your alarm is monitored, our installers will program a silent panic alarm code into your system. In the event intruders were to force you into your home and demand that you turn off the alarm, you can type in the silent alarm code. Our dispatch operators will then inform the police that you are in duress. Initiating the silent panic alarm will give the intruder the impression that nothing out of the ordinary has occurred because no sirens will ring and our dispatch operators will not call you. The police will be notified of the urgent situation and be on the way to assist you.


Medical Emergency

As a monitored Remington Alarm Systems customer you can add one or more medical/panic alarm pendants to your service at no additional monitoring charge. These pendants are portable and can work up to 1,000 feet away from the alarm control panel. With the press of a button, help will be summoned even if you cannot reach a phone or the alarm keypad. If you have an elderly or disabled family member that may need assistance in or near the home these pendants provide independence and peace of mind.


Discounted Service Calls

All out of warranty service calls for our monitored customers are billed on a ½ hour basis instead of an hourly basis for non monitored customers. We also do not charge drive time or mileage for our monitored customers.


Security 24/7

When you monitor your alarm system you have peace of mind knowing that 24 hours a day 7 days a week we are on guard for you. For less than .75 cents a day (or free depending upon the savings you may receive from your insurance provider discount) you have peace of mind and security that’s efficient, affordable and provided by a local professional alarm company that specializes in protecting you.