Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a home phone line. I may not get a home phone line. How can I have my alarm monitored?

There are several options available to you depending upon the services you anticipate having and your budget.

Option 1 – Most local phone company’s have a “basic” plan that allows you to have a dial tone on your home at a fraction of the typical monthly cost. The plans we are aware of are under $20 per month including all taxes. The advantage of this option is that your alarm system can be monitored via this basic phone line and you have a backup in case your cellular tower or cell phone is out of service. This option is also helpful in case of a medical emergency since you still have 911 services available by calling from your home line that alerts emergency personnel to your location.

Option 2 – If you choose not to have a basic phone line or phone service is not available in your area, we can install a GSM cellular transceiver module. This type of monitoring is great for primary monitoring, backup monitoring service (especially for businesses) and ideal for those is extreme rural areas without phone or high speed internet services. (Call for pricing)

Option 3 – We can now also monitor your alarm system via high speed internet by installing an IBAT communication module. (Call for pricing) High speed internet services must be available in your area for this method of monitoring.


I live in the country, by the time police/sheriff personnel arrive the burglar may be gone. Why monitor?

Many times, even if you live in the city this may be true. Sometimes a criminal is caught on sight but often they flee when they hear the sirens ring. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The criminal is now off of your property but has brought attention to themselves. A monitored system provides police with a date and time stamp of the intrusion allowing them to better canvas the area and aids in their investigation.

Also, when we receive an alarm signal we can contact you via cell phone, call those on your emergency contact list, etc. If you include contacting a neighbor, there is a good chance they may see the person or get-away vehicle and be able to provide a description of the person or vehicle. Unfortunately, many times thieves are relentless. They often “hit” a home or business more than once. They may even “test the waters” by breaking a door or window and hide out to see if anyone shows up. If no one does, they may come back. This holds true even for people living in the city. Thieves prefer an easy target. A monitored system provides you with a much greater layer of protection than a simple siren no matter where you live.


I never arm my system. I don’t know if I should continue monitoring services.

More often than not when we install a security system we also install smoke detectors in the home, as well as heat detectors in the attic that can detect an electrical fire or a fire due to a lightening strike. The fire alarm is armed 24/7 even if the security system is disarmed. In some cases carbon monoxide detectors are also installed and are also armed 24/7. If your system does not currently have your smokes/heats/carbon monoxide detectors integrated into your system we can do that for you, just give us a call for an estimate. Your monitoring fee does not increase for having the alarm monitored for fire/smoke/carbon monoxide or by adding a medial/panic alert.

You have already invested in a state of the art security and/or fire alarm system. Take full benefit of the services provided by having your system monitored. If you haven’t already activated your system we would be happy to do so for you at no charge and as always we do not require our customers to commit to a length of service contract. It is our philosophy that if we provide you with excellent service at an affordable price we do not need a contract to keep your business. We keep your business by keeping you satisfied and protected.