Very helpful with all our needs every time we’ve called and had questions or needed help with our system.

Sue S., Customer Since 2008

The guys who came to activate my system were great – courteous, professional, very helpful. I like getting the text message & email verifications when a change is made on status & I really like the phone app. I feel safer now.

Kathleen D., Customer Since 2012

Having inadvertently set off my alarm several times, I am very impressed with your quick responses and your reliability of always being there for me every time.

John J., Customer Since 2011

When our alarm does go off (usually a small child has wandered out of bed in the wee hours hoping to see the stars). Your technicians (monitor angels) are calm and patient as we sleep-deprived parents attempt to recall an obscure code word! Thank you for always being so forgiving. If there were a true emergency, we know we’re in good care.

Heather C., Customer Since 2010

Your instant responses to our several goofs have been sincerely appreciated. We continue to be very favorably impressed with your service.

Paul B., Customer Since 2010

I feel so much more secure having your system installed in my home. You are very professional and I would recommend your company to anyone.

Jean L., Customer Since 2013

You guys are awesome! Very courteous and professional. I always recommend your company to my family and friends.

Karla B., Customer Since 2007